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We offer private, Atlanta chemistry tutoring sessions for high school and college students. Our private tutors make it easier for you to achieve your chemistry goals, as they customize each help session directly to you. Acumen Prep Atlanta chemistry tutors provide the rare opportunity for you to sit down with a professional and discuss chemistry topics at length.

Acumen Prep offers the most intelligent chemistry tutors in Atlanta, all of whom have a history of success in chemistry testing and tutoring. Most of our tutors are still young enough to relate to your goals, and the material you present to them will still be relevant and current.

Our private chemistry tutors will meet with you in the comfort of your own home or at another location of your choice in Atlanta.

How A Private Chemistry Tutor Can Help You

Your personal tutor can help you see the big picture. The big picture is different for every student, making it nearly impossible for chemistry teachers and professors to help individual students piece it all together. Most of them simply do not have the resources.

Because of this, classes often boil down to students memorizing the periodic table and other chemistry formulas. That helps students get through the next test or even the current semester. But, students who are genuinely interested in pursuing further chemistry education or even a chemistry career need something more. They need to be able to relate all the formulas to each other and other sciences. They need to be able to see the big picture and expand upon it.

That’s right where a private chemistry tutor in Atlanta can help. You can set tangible, learning goals with your private chemistry tutor (after you hand select him/her), and he/she can tailor your sessions to meet those goals. You will have the ability ask in-depth questions and say “I’m not quite sure I’m understanding this” without inconveniencing an entire room of students. This can help you connect all the information together and understand its practical applications.

Consider if a private, one-on-one chemistry tutor in Atlanta is right for you and contact Acumen Prep.

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